The Snarkette Snark Ladder/Leaderboard

As the-year-that-will-not-be-named comes to an end, the Collective Snark Snarkers would like to recognize our Snarkettes and thank them for giving us their time, knowledge, and weird bumps and gurgles that must be edited out.

Luke Buchanan ran away with the blue ribbon this year, with Jack Burgos, Shannon Iwanski, and Kenzi Whala hot on his heels. And here’s a nice participation trophy for Debbie Buchanan, Rob Harmon, Lindsay Ison, and Lyzi Schulein. Maybe you guys should step up your Snark game?

Seriously, though. Thank you!


The Snarkette Snark Ladder/Leaderboard

#    Name                                         Episode Number

3      Luke Buchanan                       2, 9, 10

2      Jack Burgos                               3, 8

2      Shannon Iwanski                     8, 9

2      Kenzi Whala                              5, 8

1      Debbie Buchanan                     11

1       Rob Harmon                             1

1       Lindsey Ison                             4

1       Lyzi Schulein                             6


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