Episode 2.6 – The OA

In which the Snarkers discuss Netflix’s The OA.

If you think think we’re at our best when we don’t agree about something, then you’re gonna love this discussion. Some of us loved it, one of us felt betrayed by it, and one of us couldn’t force herself to even finish it.

With our guests, we talk about some fan theories, symbolism, doubt and faith.

Listen to us here: Episode 2.6 – The OA


Episode 2.5 – Role Models, Fictional Characters, and Women’s Strength


In which the Snarkers discuss the importance of role models, both real life and in fiction. With guest Meg, the conversation ranges from Carrie Fisher to Scarlet O’Hara, from Ada Lovelace to Jesse Graf.

Click to listen to or download: Episode 2.5 – Role Models, Fictional Characters, and Women’s Strength.

Several references were made to “the list” during the episode. I (Donna) had googled “female role models” and wrote down the resulting names. Below is “the list.”


Episode 2.3 – WE are the Walking Dead

Listen to the episode here: Episode 2.3 – WE are the Walking Dead


In which the Snarkers discuss The Walking Dead, from the early Frank Darabonte episodes to controversies of the current season. Favorite characters, least favorite characters, stories we loved and hated, guests Shannon and Kenzi join us for a passionate discussion of the hit AMC show.

The Snarkette Snark Ladder/Leaderboard

As the-year-that-will-not-be-named comes to an end, the Collective Snark Snarkers would like to recognize our Snarkettes and thank them for giving us their time, knowledge, and weird bumps and gurgles that must be edited out.

Luke Buchanan ran away with the blue ribbon this year, with Jack Burgos, Shannon Iwanski, and Kenzi Whala hot on his heels. And here’s a nice participation trophy for Debbie Buchanan, Rob Harmon, Lindsay Ison, and Lyzi Schulein. Maybe you guys should step up your Snark game?

Seriously, though. Thank you!


The Snarkette Snark Ladder/Leaderboard

#    Name                                         Episode Number

3      Luke Buchanan                       2, 9, 10

2      Jack Burgos                               3, 8

2      Shannon Iwanski                     8, 9

2      Kenzi Whala                              5, 8

1      Debbie Buchanan                     11

1       Rob Harmon                             1

1       Lindsey Ison                             4

1       Lyzi Schulein                             6

Episode 1.10 – Ironheart and Spiderwoman’s Butt

Check it out here: Episode 1.10 – Ironheart and Spiderwoman’s Butt

In which the Snarkers and guest Luke discuss controversial comic book covers by Manara, Cho, and Campbell.

Some of the art we discussed during the episode:

Milo Manara


The Spiderwoman “Butt Cover”


The art style Milo Manara is famous for


Gift from Milo Manara to Frank Cho

Frank Cho


Frank Cho’s Wonder Woman cover with panty lines


Cho’s Wonder Woman cover as published


Fan Art by Cho


Fan Art by Cho

J. Scott Campbell


Campbell’s Original Ironman cover


Campbell posted this sketch later showing that he had heard the criticism. It was turned into a cover – shown above