Collective Snark – Episode 2.10 – The Magicians


In which the Snarkers gather to talk about our mutual love of SyFy’s The Magicians. This dark fantasy pays homage to classic fantasies like The Chronicles of Narnia and Alice in Wonderland.


It can be a little hard to learn to love, but if Penny’s eyes don’t draw you in, maybe it’s Elliot and Margo, or maybe Quentin and Alice’s bumbling relationship, or Julia’s dark path to find her way to magic.

Guests Rob and Lyz join us for the conversation.

Warning: This episode addresses topics like rape and abortion.

The Magicians - Season 1

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Collective Snark – Episode 2.9 – How to talk to girls. And guys. And anyone in between


In which the Snarks talk with their friend Jack about how to appropriately approach people with whom you’d like to express interest. We talk about body language, that wretched “How to turn a no into a yes” article,” when it’s ok to approach people, and more.

Also, whether or not Jack is a player and whether or not Jack is a good boyfriend.

Jack is kinda a good sport, you guys.


#Donna Leahey

Collective Snark – Episode 2.8 – Doctor Who

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In which the Snarkers discuss Doctor Who. Returning this weekend (April 15) for Steven Moffats last season as showrunner and Peter Capaldi’s last season in the title role.

We discuss mosty ‘new Who,’ with guests Rob and Lyz. Showrunners (Spoiler: We liked Russel T Davies, we do NOT like Steven Moffat, we are super excited about Chris Chibnall), Doctors, and Companions.

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