Collective Snark – Episode 2.9 – How to talk to girls. And guys. And anyone in between


In which the Snarks talk with their friend Jack about how to appropriately approach people with whom you’d like to express interest. We talk about body language, that wretched “How to turn a no into a yes” article,” when it’s ok to approach people, and more.

Also, whether or not Jack is a player and whether or not Jack is a good boyfriend.

Jack is kinda a good sport, you guys.


#Donna Leahey


Episode 2.1 – Rogue One

Listen to the episode here: Episode 2.1 – Rogue One

In which the Snarkers, Luke and all the Snarkettes discuss the story of how the Death Star plans were obtained. Includes a special tribute to Carrie Fisher and discussions of CGI, diversity, representation, and Darth Vader’s dad joke.